Webinar (EN) from September 18th, 2019

Speaker: Chris Lyon

Subject: Prolon Release 7.2.0


Webinar (FR) from September 16th, 2019

Speaker: Daniel Kerwin

Subject: Prolon Release 7.2.0




What is Prolon Controls?

This video is an introduction to Prolon Controls. The first half is a PowerPoint which covers the applications, target market and typical buildings. The second half introduces the free Prolon Focus software!



Prolon Focus 7.0 & Cloud Features

This video covers all the new features released with Focus 7.0. New features included: projet sharing, access log, projet notes & updated graphics.


Products Video

PROLON Training Institute: T1000 navigation menu

PROLON Training Institute: Wall Sensors

PROLON Training Institute: PL-VC2000 Installation with digital sensor

Connect your computer to Prolon system.  Easy and simple.

Prolon Analog Sensor in Fahrenheit

Prolon Digital Sensor in Fahrenheit


Prolon Focus Demo Videos

Prolon Focus demo

Prolon webinar demo

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