Prolon System


Prolon is an HVAC Control System entirely designed for retrofits as well as new buildings and can be easily implemented in small to medium sized commercial buildings.

The controllers are designed to monitor and control mechanical equipment such as packaged rooftop units, split systems, air handlers, VAV/VVT Zoning Systems, heatpumps, boilers, pumps, VFD’s, valves, exhaust fans, and so much more.

Developed by HVAC experts to bridge the gap between simple residential controls and expensive, custom DDC systems, Prolon’s lineup of controllers deliver incredibly high performance with unprecedented levels of simplicity and accessibility. Remote access, email alerts, FREE software and mobile apps are just a few highlights of this system.



Our pre-configured controllers will make your job easier. Avoid long hours of configuring a DDC system: we may have a simpler solution for you.



Access your control system with our software or mobile application. Completely free. No software licensing fees or annual registration fees. View and configure any Prolon system, complete with graphics and easy-to-understand configuration menus.



Need help with your Prolon System? Not sure we can be a good fit for your project in mind? Call us. Our Technical Support Team is quite awesome and among the best in the industry. 
Additionally, we can provide you with support in the form of training (either as a webinar or at your distributor's location) to help you install Prolon systems. Simply click on the training tab above to know when our next training session will be in your area.



We understand not all of your clients have the same budget. Imagine how happy your smaller clients will be when you offer them the same level of comfort as any other big brands, but for a fraction of the cost.



The possibilities are so endless, we can't list them all. We turn your "I am not sure Prolon can do this" into: "Prolon can easily do this!" Our team of engineers and HVAC experts will surely find a solution to your comfort problems. There are hardly any challenges they can't undertake.


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